John Auckland

John is a graduate of Brunel University, where he received a First Class Honours Degree in English with Creative writing. He formed a successful copywriting agency soon after, which he sold before the tender age of thirty. He very recently formed a crowdfunding agency called TribeFirst, which is the world’s first company dedicated to supporting both equity and rewards campaigns in the arts, entertainment, sports, technology and business. You can find out more about TribeFirst at

As a crowdfunding consultant John has written campaigns that have achieved global acclaim, such as Project Brabham, a new concept in motorsport that was endorsed by a number of Formula 1 legends.

John has written two novels, his first being a science-fiction adventure story about a time-travelling grandmother, a university project that he turned into a full manuscript and published independently. John is currently crowdfunding his second novel, Ghosts in the Machine, on Unbound, which is a story about one woman's fear of death and her relentless pursuit to find a cure for aging. You can read an excerpt and support his campaign here -